As the intersection of I-10 from the west and I-95 from the north, Jacksonville is the gateway to Florida. Over 5 million visitors come through Jacksonville each year! The travel industry in Jacksonville dates to the turn of the century when our city was the southern-most harbor for passenger ships that plied the ports of America's east coast. Jacksonville is a destination as well as a point of origin for international travel today. Agencies are helpful in planning and expediting trips using airlines, sea cruises and rail transportation.


Regency Square Mall
Fredia Prince and Susie Mullinax at ReMax Coastal Realty
Custom Rug Gallery
Digital Satellite Network
Collier Classic Homes
Beach Marine
Dr. John Rahaim Anti-Aging Medicine Center
Alliance Funding
BM Wholesale Automotive
Buy A Trailer Online!
Exclusive Living Magazine
Capt. Chris Holleman
Dick Travis Construction
Moongrille and Oyster Bar
South Street Tavern, Sports Bar and Grill
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